Zener ESP for iOS

Zener ESP for iOS

We our proud to present our new free iOS app, Zener ESP; a fun and powerful environment for psychic training and tests using the famous Zener ESP cards!

The cards were designed in the early 1930s by the perceptual psychologist Karl Zener, and were originally developed to conduct experiments for Extrasensory Perception (ESP), most often clairvoyance.

You’ll find the app in the App Store: Zener ESP for iOS

The Zener ESP mobile app enables you to run various variants of the Zener card test:

  • Test sessions
    This is the original Zener Card test, which tries to determine the presence of psychic abilities. Each card is drawn from a shuffled 25 card pack with five cards for each symbol. During the test no card faces are shown, in order to ensure a valid test result. The final result is presented after the test.
  • Training sessions
    A fun variant of the original test, where you’ll see if your predictions are correct, one card at a time. Since card faces are shown after each selection, the app always draws cards from a full and shuffled deck.
  • Marathon sessions
    A never ending marathon test session, which is perfect both for psychic training as well as a powerful form of active meditation! The app will produce new cards from an unlimited pack of cards, and you’ll therefore be able to see your result in real-time.

In addition, all the above session can be performed in two different modes:

  1. Postcognition a.k.a. Retrocognition
    Knowledge of past events which could not have been learned or inferred by normal means. The app will choose the next card BEFORE you make your selection, just like the original Zener card test.
  2. Precognition a.k.a. Future sight or Second sight
    The ability to see events that will happen in the future. The app will choose the next card AFTER you make your selection.



  • Test and Training sessions.

  • All session can run in either Precognition and Postcognition mode.

  • Are you better at Precognition or Postcognition? The app stores your results locally on your device, all of which can be viewed from the Statistics screen.

  • Share your results on Game Center, and compare with friends and the whole world!

  • Number Cards – We are all different: Some like numbers more than symbols, therefore Pro users also can run sessions with numbered cards.

  • Color Cards – Some like colors even more than symbols and numbers, therefore Pro users also can run sessions with colored cards.

What about Android?!

Previously we’ve always published our apps to Google Play / Amazon first, but this time we thought it would be fair to do it the other way around. The Android version is underway, so expect another announcement about the Android version real soon!

Kind regards,
The Paranormal Software team