Ghost Radio for iOS and Android!

We are very proud to announce that the new version of Ghost Radio just has been released!

We hope that you like these changes as much as we. Most of them have been implemented due to the fact that you, the users, have shared your constructive feedback with us. We hope that you will continue doing just that, so don’t hesitate to contact us regarding bugs, opinions or ideas.

Google Play Store (Android) – version 1.0.8

  • Polish is now also a supported language. More languages will be added, please vote for the ones, you miss the most.
  • The speech now got a new filter algorithm. You will hopefully find it easier to understand what is being said.
  • Optimization of the analysis engine means less false positives.
  • Performance optimization of the graphics makes the app more responsive on devices that support hardware accelerated graphics.
  • The new “Prevent Screensaver” switch on the settings screen enables you to allow/disallow the mobile screensaver from fading the screen. Up until now, the app always kept the screen alive.
  • An additional 1 minute recording limit on the settings screen allows users with low-memory devices to have a more stable app experience.
  • The TV screen now has a higher resolution.

Apple App Store (iOS) – version 1.1

  • Added a “Test Voice Generator” button on the Settings screen, so that users can confirm that the app in fact uses realtime voice synthesis, and is NOT using any pre-recorded files for speech.
  • The app now stops any ongoing speech immediately when the Radio is stopped. We actually wanted the app to play the last thing that was spoken before stopping the radio, so that users wouldn’t miss anything important being said. We decided to change this due to user feedback. Please, give us feedback if you think it was better before.
  • Optimized sound generation, so speech should be clearer now.
  • Variable recording time limit. If the app gets unstable on higher settings, try a lower one. Default is three minutes.
  • Added Tech. Support button on the Settings screen.
  • Added Feedback button on the Settings screen.
  • Playback now shows the total duration (in seconds) of the recording being played.
  • A friendly rating/feedback system: if you don’t want to rate the app it wont bother you

Take care, and don’t forget that it is Halloween on Friday!

Kind regards,
the Paranormal Software team