Ghost Radio – New features

What a week! This week, the new Android version of Ghost EVP Radio was published. What we didn’t know was that it contained a really nasty bug, which made the app crash on certain devices. We are really sorry about this. Nobody likes an unstable app.

Working (literaly) round the clock to fix it lead to a number of updates. With the latest one, v1.1.7, we are pretty confident that the problem is solved at last. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours before you can upgrade.

If you still encounter crash problems on your Android device, our recommendation is to first check that you have v1.1.7 and if so, to restart your device. We have written a small guide on how to handle crash issues on our support site.  If you continue to experience problems, please try the Low-end Device Mode.

iOS and Amazon

Amazon Store users will be able to upgrade within a couple of days and the same version will be released for iOS as well, hopefully in just a couple weeks, depending on how long it takes for the Apple iTunes team to review it.

Ghost EVP Radio v1.1.7 for Android


Voice to text analysis

One of the features that most users want is some kund of textual representation of what’s being said. We have worked with this for some months now and decided to implement it in this version. Please note that it is still in an experimental stage: some of the speech may only be partially translated and some not at all. And remember, that it only works when the app has been fully calibrated. We still think it is better than before. Please give us feedback of what you think!

Support for additional languages

Now our friends from Slovakia, Turkey and the Czech Republic can use the app in their own language. Please tell us if there is a language you would like the app to support!

Turn off the TV static

Some of you have made us aware of the fact that you are annoyed by the generated signal static that is visualized on the main TV screen. We decided to implement a simple way of turning it off: When the radio is on, and you want to disable the static, just tap once on the TV screen. Tapping again will turn on the static again.

Open recordings in other apps

It is now possible to open the recordings in other apps by clicking on this icon. Please note that you need to have at least one app that can handle either AMR or WAVE files for this to work.

Extended file information

On the recordings screen, file sizes are now also shown. And to get even more information, click on the info icon:

Better speech quality

When the app is warmed up and fully calibrated, the speech should now be easier to understand. This is something we are constantly improving.

Smaller app size for Android 5, 6 and 7+

The app file size for Android 5 devices is now 75% smaller (~6 MB)!

The future

We are working on a number of really exciting new features that will be released during this year. Here’s a sneak peak:

  • Advanced sound analysis that will make it a lot easier to analyze recorded sound, by visualization and manipulation, including changing the playback speed etc.
  • Autorecording, which enables you to only record the moments when something is actually being said.
  • And more…


What drives us is feedback from you. You are welcome to use all channels: our support email, the in-app feedback, our support website or by giving us constructive ratings/reviews in the app stores.

Remember that we have a Knowledgebase on our support site, where the most common questions are answered along with small guides that hopefully help you to use the app in the best possible way.

Kind regards,
The Paranormal Software team