Paranormal EMF Recorder

A lot has been happening here at Paranormal Software the last couple of weeks, and in this edition of our newsletter we have some truly great news!

Paranormal EMF Recorder

A couple of weeks ago we launched our latest app, Paranormal EMF Recorder, in the Google Play Store (link), and one week later it also became available for iOS (link).

The app is free, that we have great plans for it…

As some of you probably already have guessed, the first version of the app offers an advanced Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) scanner.

There are already a lot of apps that offer measurements of EMF using the magnetometer sensor in your phone/tablet, but unlike most of them, our recorder offers long-time recording and analysis. We also noticed to our horror, that many of the top EMF apps, actually don’t do the maths correctly, and doesn’t calculate the strength (magnitude) as they should. Well, we decided to rectify that, by introducing our own contribution to this field.

Paranormal investigations means long and tedious work, and the app can help you by offering these kind of advanced recording and analysis capabilities. This means that you can let the app run and continously record the strength of the surrounding electromagnetic fields while doing other things. On Android you can even run the app in the background, and we are currently looking at ways to do this on iOS too, without violating their development policy (which is very strict regarding background apps).

Apart from Paranormal investigations, the recording feature enables you to also measure amount of EMF you are exposed to during an ordinary day (or weekend).

By using interactive touch enabled charts you can perform in-depth analyzis of the recordings. We have successfully used the app on a number of Paranormal investigations and it is really interesting to analyze the data from a weekend worth of recordings and compare it to other measurements and observations. All data is saved in the standardized comma separated format (CSV), so it is really easy to incorporate the data in other apps and applications when for example creating reports for yourself or clients.

We will continue to improve this app by adding more sensors and different types of triggers. Currently we are experimenting with a motion sensor based on sound waves. This means that the app broadcasts high frequent sound, inaudible for most humans, and then uses the microphone to sense even the smallest motion by comparing the sound waves that bounces back to the device. Hopefully we will be able to release this feature later this spring.

Please download and test the app, and give us feedback. What features do you want to see in the next upgrade of Paranormal EMF Recorder?

Ghost EVP Radio – Coming upgrade

We have, of course, also been working with the next upgrade of Ghost EVP Radio, and hope to be able to release it in the coming weeks. Our focus this time is to make the app more stable, but please tell us if there are any features that you really want, and we will try to squeeze it into the release as well.

Some words about randomness

Ghost EVP Radio utilizes some pretty advanced algorithms for both generating and then parsing the Brownian noise signal. Some users have asked why we use this type of noise instead of white noise. The answer is, “randomness”. All consumer based computers and mobile devices are cabable of generating random numbers, but when it comes to Paranormal software this just isn’t enough, since the random numbers you get are of low quality, meaning that the data is actually predictable since it is generated by an static algorithm. If you want to be able to connect with the supernatural you need to ensure a certain amount of chaos, since chaos that can be manipulated and also very inviting to the otherworldy beings. We therefore decided to create an algortihm based on Brownian noise coupled with some neat matematics regarding randomness in order to try to achieve the best possible chaotic randomness. The result is really fascinating, and paired together with the natural paranormal sensitivity of the user, it produces really amazing results.

Future projects

Our obession with randomness have led to a number of software prototypes which we have been testing and improving for some time now and one of these project have matured a lot lately: It is a paranormal communicator which leaves the actual interpretation of the speech entirely to you, the user. Ghost Radio adds a layer of translation between the user and the noise, in order to make the app enjoyable for more users, but at the same time this also introduces a higher degree of failed interpretations. We have understood, that some of you want more, and also have the skillset and mind that is needed for advanced EVP interpretation. The new app certainly won’t be for everyone, since it will expose the chaotic inner workings of Ghost Radio without any safeties, filters or interpretation. We are also a bit scared of releasing this kind of software out in the field… so please, do tell us what you think.

What drives us is feedback from you. You are welcome to use all channels: our support email, the in-app feedback, our support website or by giving us constructive ratings/reviews in the app stores.

Remember that we also have a Knowledgebase on our support site, where the most common questions are answered along with small guides that hopefully help you to use the app in the best possible way.

Kind regards,
The Paranormal Software team