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Recordings are saved in WAV file format. These are pretty large and the in-app media player in loads the whole file into memory before playing them.

On certain devices, it is therefore not possible to playback longer recordings since they use too much memory. We are really sorry about this, and we will fix this in the coming upgrades, by introducing streamed playback of recordings. Please have patience with us.

There are currently a workaround for this problem:
  • The recordings are actually not invalid or corrupt; they just cannot be played using the in-app Ghost Radio media player. Ýou can use the Share feature for each recording on the Recordings screen:
    Send the files, using for example e-mail, to yourself. This enables you to then use a full-featured media player on your device or computer to listen to your recordings.

 Last updated Tue, Nov 11 2014 1:39pm
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