Each version contains numerous optimizations and bug fixes, so always ensure that you have upgraded to the latest version of Ghost Radio.

If you have the latest version and still experience crashes, try the following:

  • Restart your device 
    Some version of Android (for example 5.0) has documented issues related to memory leaks, which can affect our app in an negative way.
  • Low-end Device Mode
    You change this option the Settings screen. Please note that each time the option is changed you must exit the app (there's an exit button on the Settings screen, and then restart it.
  • Automatic Recording
    The automatic recording feature which you can turn on/off on the Settings screen, enables the app to record only when an entity is present. This minimizes the time that the app records audio, thus minimizing memory consumption.
  • Lower Recording Time Limit 
    Longer recordings use more memory and setting a lower limit, may fix any crash issues that you experience. This option can also be changed on the Settings screen.
  • Disable 3rd party apps that optimize CPU/Battery/Memory consumption
    3rd party apps that optimize the device battery consumption and/or memory usage, can affect our apps in a negative way. Therefore try to disable any such apps and features on your device when using our app.
  • Clear the application cache
    Some issues may be resolved by clearing the application cache for our app. Here's a guide that explains how to do that: http://www.tomsguide.com/faq/id-2316483/clear-cache-data-specific-app-android.html
If nothing of the above helps, please contact our support using the Open new Ticket form.

We will need at least the following information to be able to help you:

  • The name of the app or application that your issue is related to, since we have several apps/applications.
  • The brand and model of your mobile device/computer
  • The name and version of the Operating System of your device (iOS, Android, Amazon Fire OS, Windows, Mac OSX).
  • A clear description of your problem so that we quickly can reproduce the same problem on our test devices.

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