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Ghost EVP Radio was a private project that actually never was intended to released as a mobile app. Some years ago, a Swedish Paranormal investigation group created a suite of software tools to aid them during their investigations. These were specialized and rather complex Windows based applications, which were pretty hard to use for someone outside the group. Some of them interacted with external equipment, like IR and sound sensors.

The mobile revolution meant that sensors and processing power suddenly was available in a portable and affordable format. Thus the idea of creating an app, based on one of the Windows based tools, was born. Exelerus, a small independent app/software publishing company also based in Sweden, became involved in the development of the mobile app version, which later was named Ghost EVP Radio.

The people behind the core engine of the app are very fond of a site called Etheric Studies, since it has aggregated a lot of the most recent Paranormal theories. Tom Butler, the man behind this highly informative and serious site, has written a number of white papers regarding EVP and ITC in general. I can particularly recommend these two papers:
The first article describes different types of EVP.

How it works
The app relies on "EVP formed by random selection" (in the app the raw data is implemented as Brownian noise generation using one of the randomness techniques described below) which then feeds the analyzer process, "EVP formed by speech synthesis" to form EVPs.

Most of the other EVP apps (we have analyzed the ones that aren't just obviously just for fun) rely more or less entirely on one of these two mechanisms to form EVPs, but the approach that we have chosen seems to produce better results in most situations.

A word about Randomness
Almost all methods (digital and non-digital) for Paranormal communication relies on random events in one way or another, and Ghost Radio is not different in that aspect.

The current version of the app use the following strategy to generate random events of good quality:

  1. If your device has a Magnetometer/Compass sensor, the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) measurements it provides are used as entrophy for the random generation.
  2. If no EMF sensor is available, the app will try to fall back and measure Wifi/4G/3G/GPRS signal strength instead. The app does not need to send/receive any data to/from the Internet in order to do this; instead it constantly measures the signal strength fluctuations and use this for entrophy.
  3. If none of the above are available, the app will use the most common way of generating random events on a digital device: Timestamp based seed. This is kind of a last resort, since it is predictable: a specific seed will always generate the same sequence of random numbers.
So if your device doesn't have a Magnetometer sensor (#1), keep your wifi or other network connection on (#2) in order to avoid using the standard random generation (#3).

Most competing apps that we have analyzed, rely entirely on the standard way of random generation (#3), which is both predictable and isolated within the CPU and therefore isn't a good source for Paranormal influence.

Since it is impossible to scientifically prove the source of EVPs, EVP interpretation is highly subjective. Some people don't hear anything, some hear something but cannot understand it, while others hear clear and relevant words and phrases. That is why we have been very strict about which category the app has been published in, that is Entertainment.

We hope this gives you a bit more insight in the history, thoughts and ideas behind the app.

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