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The Feedback button, which can be found on the Settings screen, is a way for users to quickly send anonymous feedback to us, without even leaving the app. You can write just a couple of words or a longer text, it is up to you.

The only thing we can see is what Operating System your device runs (Android, Amazon OS or IOS), the message you sent, and when you sent it. These messages are only available to our internal staff.

When the message is sent a randomly generated identification is generated and sent along with the message. This ID has nothing to do with you or your device, in order to comply with our privacy policy. The ID makes it possible for us to reply to your feedback.

And yes, we read the feedback messages every day! It is always interesting to read, since a lot of new ideas that have been implemented in the app, came to us this way.

 Last updated Fri, Mar 20 2015 3:56pm
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