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Sadly, we have encountered many cases were users (often unknowingly) have acquired illegal copies of the app.

These illegal version are often distributed for free, while the app is in fact a paid app.

Pirated versions have a number of problems associated with them, including:
  • They may contain hidden malware or viruses
  • They may contain aggressive ads, while the legal version is 100% ad free
  • You won't get any support from us
  • You won't have access to the latest upgrades
  • The app may not run at all, since it incorporates piracy protection features
  • You don't support further development of the app, including new features and bug fixes

The only legal Android versions that currently are available for purchase can be found here:

Google Play:


If you encounter any other download pages than the ones above, we are grateful if you send us the URL so that we can take legal measures, including filing DMCA takedown complaints.

 Last updated Tue, Sep 29 2015 2:01pm
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