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In order to provide reliable results, Ghost Radio, must perform a calibration.

The progress of the calibration is represented by a graphical bar in the bottom of the main TV screen. When the progress bar becomes full and reaches green colour, the app has successfully calibrated. The process is fully automatic and does not require any user intervention.

Depending on the current operating environment and the properties of the device, the calibration process normally takes between five to 20 minutes to perform. Currently this process must be performed each time the radio is turned on, but we are working on an upgrade that will improve the time it takes to calibrate the app.

When fully calibrated, the app will start the speech to text translation engine and the speech becomes clearer.

During the calibration process, the app tries to determine the availability, reliability and maximum and minimum readings of the device sensors; including the magnetometer/compass sensor, Wifi and/or any 2G/3G/4G signal. If none of these are present, the app falls back to randomization using the Mersenne Twister algorithm and the Brownian noise generation.


  • It is recommended not to move around the device too much during and after the calibration process, since this can lead to results of low quality.
  • Keep a good distance from devices that emit electromagnetic fields, including TV screens, radios, computers and other mobile devices. The app takes into account the electromagnetic field (EMF) that is produced by the device the app runs on but cannot do this in a reliable way for nearby EMF sources.
  • Even if not calibrated, Ghost Radio will perform analysis of the brownian noise signal, but we cannot guarantee the quality of the results, before calibration has been fully performed.

 Last updated Tue, Nov 11 2014 1:39pm
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