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Ghost Radio has a number of different settings, which are available on the Settings screen. To open the Settings screen, use the button with a cog wheel icon, which is found in the lower part of the main Radio screen.

Please note that not all settings are available in all versions of the app.

Current language
The different flags represent the different languages that the app supports. When you choose a language the user interface as well as the ghost radio engine will switch to that language. By default the app uses the language that is used on your device.

Prevent Screensaver
Normally your device will fade the screen in order to save battery, when not used for a while. This setting allows you to override that behaviour and instead always keep the screen on while the app is running.

Lock Screen Orientation
Locks the screen in the current orientation, i.e. portrait or landscape.

Recording Limit
Limits the maximum time the app records. When recording and the time limit is passed, the app will automatically stop the recording. The limitation on recording time, ensures that the app won't crash due to memory consumption. If you encounter crash issues when recording, it can be an indication that you should try a lower Recording limit.

Legacy Recording
Allows you to record entirely without the microphone. When Legacy Recording is enabled, the app will only record the sound that itself produces and the microphone won't be used at all. The app will save files in uncompressed WAV format, which means that the recording files are larger than in the normal mode. To avoid instability the available Recording Limits will automatically be lowered.

Auto Recording
Means that the app doesn't immediately start recording when you press the Recording button on the main screen. Instead of glowing red, the light below this button, glows yellow to indicate that the app is in auto recording mode. When the light is yellow, the app does not record, but is in standby to record: While in this mode the app will start recording automatically each time an entity is detected and then pause the recording when the signal is lost. Each time this happens a new recording file will be saved and all recordings from an Auto recording session are saved in a group folder. On the recordings screen you can browse such folders by tapping them, much like browsing the file system on your device or a computer. When doing so, their contents are revealed, i.e. the individual recording files. You can use these files as normal, e.g. listen, delete or share them. Some users have reported problems to start the Auto recording while an entity is already present. To avoid this problem, please start the recording immediately when the radio is started. As described above, the app will still not record until something interesting is detected and the Recording Limit applies only to each individual recording moment, so in theory you could be able to record for hours and still only get files with interesting content. The files produced when using Auto Recording is saved in compressed M4A format or WAV format if you use Auto Recording together with the Legacy Recording feature.

Performance / Low-end device mode
If you feel that the app behaves sluggish or just want to save battery, it can be worthwhile to try to enable this mode. It gracefully degrades the app in order to use less system resources for the graphics and sound. The latter makes this mode suitable for Ghost hunting trips out in the field even if you have a high-end device that normally copes with the app performance requirements.

Enables or disables the Electromagnetic Force detection. This feature relies on your device having a Magnetometer sensor.

The app has various themes, which allows you to change the look'n'feel of the graphical user interface.

UI Sounds
Allows you to enable or disable the sounds that are played when you're using the user interface, e.g. button clicks.

Intro Music
Allows you to enable or disable the intro music playing which is played each time the app is started.

Entity Alert Sound
If this is enabled, each time an entity has been detected the app will play a short sound signal. The number of signals, indicate the strength of the presence, where one signal is the weakest.

Entity Alert Vibrate

If this is enabled, each time an entity has been detected the app will vibrate the device. Only works if your device has vibration capability.

Entity Alert Flashlight
If this is enabled, each time an entity has been detected the app will turn on the flashlight of your device. Only works if your device actually has a flashlight.

Version Info
Shows the "What's new" message that normally is shown only once when you start the app after an update.

Test Voice

Use this button to test the Ghost Radio engine.

Opens our support center web page in your standard web browser.

Knowledge Base
Opens this Knowledge Base web page in your standard web browser.

Enables you to send us short feedback messages directly from within the app.

Social network buttons
Use these to share information about the app on your social networks.

If enabled, it allows us to occasionally send you news regarding the app using Push messages.

Recording Sample rate
Sets the recording quality and is by default set on lowest quality, which is 8000Hz. This produces small recording files. You can change the samplerate up to 44100Hz, which produces large recording files, but in CD-quality.

In some situations it may be appropriate to turn the Speech off. The radio will still work as normal, but will not generate any speech. When the app has been fully calibrated, all identified words and phrases, will still be shown on screen and logged to your Text Log.

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