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If your device has a Magnetometer/Compass sensor, the app will show the measurements on the main TV screen and also use them as seed entropy for the analyser, allowing even greater external influence over the readings from the app.

The Magnetometer sensor is used to measure the Electromagnetic Field strength (EMF) around your device. Compass apps use this to measure earths magnetic field and identify to which direction north is. But the sensor is extremely sensitive to all electromagnetic fields, not just earths magnetic field. The measurements are read multiple times per second and can detect various forms of Electromagnetism, much the same way as the equipment professional Paranormal investigators use.

Measurement unit
Ghost Radio shows the EMF strength in Mikrotesla (µT) units, but EMF is also sometimes measured in Gauss. Mikrotesla readings can easily be converted to Gauss by dividing the Mikrotesla value by 100, which means that 1 Mikrotesla is the same as 0.01 Gauss.

Normal EMF Strength
Earths magnetic field is normally somewhere between 25-65 Mikrotesla (µT). Other things also influence the readings, like the quality of your device sensor, objects around you that emit magnetic fields (other devices, audio speakers, TV screens etc.), and how much the device itself leaks. From our experience EMF strength between 25-100 should mostly be considered normal, higher than that indicates that there is either something wrong with your device or that something is present that disturbs the magnetic field around your device. Normally when your device is totally still, the EMF measurements should show reasonably stable readings that only fluctuates a couple of Mikrotesla.

To get as good readings as possible, ensure that the Magnetometer sensor in your device is properly calibrated. The easiest way to calibrate the sensor is to follow the guide for our EMF Recorder app:

Our EMF Recorder app
We've created an app that relies solely on the Magnetometer sensor, that records the EMF measurements over a longer period of time.

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