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The Radio Configuration panel was introduced in version 2.1.0 and enables you to control the following Radio parameters in real-time:
Noise Volume The volume boost of the generated noise.
Noise Type The type of noise that the app generates. Toggle between Brown, Pink and White noise.
Noise Rate
The frequency, i.e. "speed", of the noise generation.
Voice Quality Factor
Uses sound shaping algorithm to change the characteristics of the speech.
Scan Rate
The app performs an analysis of the noise signal at regular intervals. This parameter sets the length of this interval. Higher scan rates (>50%) means that the chances of identifying anomalies increases, but on the other hand is also more performance intensive and also increases the risk of false positives.
Scan Sensitivity
Has a direct impact on the analysis engine. The analysis engine searches for anomalies in the noise signal. The generated noise should, per definition, be 100% random and should therefore normally follow the mathematical rules regarding randomness, including value distribution, coverage and permutations. We define an anomaly as a sequence that defies at least one of these rules; a sequencence of numbers that aren't possible to define as random. To perform this type of analysis a greater set of values are required. The amount of values is defined by the Scan Rate. A low Scan Sensitivity (<50%) means that the requirements for a sequency to be regarded as an anomaly is increased, while a higher setting (>50%) decreases the requirements and therefore more often identifies results. When an anomaly has been identified, the analysis engine switches to detailed analysis mode (Entity Present) and will remain in this mode until it fails to identify any more anomalies, and then switches back to scanning mode (Weak Signal).

Please note that if the app runs in Low-end/Performance mode, some of these settings may not be available.

We encourage you to experiment with each of the parameters in order to find the combination that suits you best.

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