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If the app doesn't produce any sounds there are some things worth checking out, before contacting our support:

1: Does the interface sounds work?
Do you have any sounds at all from the app, i.e. does tapping on the different User Interface buttons produce clicks (Ensure that "UI Sounds" are enabled in the Settings)?

2: Does the speech sounds work?
Also, does the "Test Voice" button on the Setting screen produce any sound?

3. Does sound in other apps work?
Does other apps produce sound on your phone?

4. Headset/Headphones, external speakers?
Have you had any headset or headphones connected to your Samsung S6 (wired or wireless) lately? When using wired headphones, connect and disconnect them from the phone and also temporarily disable bluetooth, in order to ensure that sound isn't redirected to the wrong speakers. Also try to connect headphones to your phone and see if they produce any sound from the app.

5. Check your phones mute mode?
Ensure that you phone isn't in mute mode or similar. Specifically for Samsung Galaxy S6 and similar models:

6. Are all app settings ok?
There are some settings on the Settings Screen to are worth to check out once more:
* Speech - Ensure that this is set to On
* Low-end device mode - If this settings is shown, try to run the app with it first with Off and then once more in On mode. Please note, that when you change this setting, you must shut down the app and restart it, since the change gets enabled only when the app is freshly started up. Easiest way is to do this is probably by using the "Exit App" button also found on the Settings screen, and then start the app again by tapping on its icon.

7: Ensure that the app permissions are enabled.
Please read the following Google guide for how to change individual app permissions in Android 6+:

For full operation, the app should have the following permissions enabled:
  • Camera - The app doesn't actually use the Camera, but needs permission to access the Camera in order to turn the flashlight on and off if you have this setting enabled in the app (Flashlight Entity Alert).
  • Microphone - If you record using the normal mode (Not Settings: Legacy Recording), then the app must have access to the Microphone in order to be able to record sound.
  • Storage - Both recording and the Speech to Text log needs to be able to save files to the persistent storage of your device.
If any of the above permissions are disabled, the app may behave unexpectedly or even crash in some cases.

8: Restart the phone.
Finally: Try to shutdown and restart your phone.

 Last updated Tue, Sep 29 2015 2:01pm
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