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Photos/Media/Files (read and modify/delete)
Storage (read and modify/delete)

Both recording and the Speech to Text log needs to be able to save files to the persistent storage of your device.

ontrol flashlight
The app doesn't actually use the Camera, but needs permission to access the Camera in order to turn the flashlight on and off if you have this setting enabled: Entity Alert Flashlight.

Control vibration
If you have the settings, Entity Alert Vibrate, the app needs to have permission to vibrate your device.

If you record using the normal mode (Settings/Legacy Recording is set to Off), then the app must have access to the Microphone in order to be able to record sound.

Change your audio settings
Since the app is pretty audio intensive, this permission is needed in order for us to mute/unmute and change volume of the app sounds.

Prevent device from sleeping
The setting Prevent Screensaver, is used to prevent your phone screen to get turned off, while using the app. This permission is needed in order to make that possible.

Wi-Fi connection information
Receive data from Internet
iew network connections
ull network access
The main functionality of the app doesn't require Internet access (you can even run it in flight mode), but in the app there is a Promotions screen (The button on the main radio screen with a plus [+] icon.) that users can open, in order to see some of our other apps. The list with these apps are read from our servers, since it makes it possible for us to notify our users of new promotions as they occur. The app needs an Internet connection for the feedback feature, where users can send messages directly to us, and also for opening this Knowledge base and contacting our support directly from within the app. Finally, as most other apps, this app uses the Google Analytics service, to monitor anonymous and aggregated usage data as stated in our Privacy policy:

Google Play license check
In order to prevent piracy, the app uses the Google Play system for license verification. For more information read our guide:

If any of the above permissions are disabled, the app may behave unexpectedly or even crash in some cases.

For more information about app permissions in general:

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