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The recordings screen is where you can browse, listen to, analyze, share and delete your recordings.

Please note that different versions of Ghost Radio look slightly different from each other, so your version may look a bit different than the image below.


Buttons on each recording:

Analyzer [Magnifying glass icon]
The analyzer button on each recording will open up a new screen, where you can analyze the recording in detail. It shows the Waveform of the entire recording, and you're able to zoom in and out as well as jump directly to interesting parts just by tapping on the screen. You can also playback the audio in different speeds, slower or faster than real time which is very useful in some situations. Since audio analysis requires quite a lot from your device, this option is only available for shorter recordings, since it may in worst cases crash the app.

Mediaplayer [Speaker icon]
When tapping on the speaker icon, the mediaplayer will slide out with controls that enables you to listen to the recording.

Delete [Cross icon]
When tapped, a dialog will ask you if you're sure that you want to process. If you comply, the recording will permanently be deleted from your device.

Share [Mail icon]
Tap on this icon to open the recording in another app that allows sharing the audio file, like for example your email client.

Auto Recording:
When recording using the Auto Recording option (which is available on the Settings screen), each individual recording session creates a folder under all recording for that session are saved. This is just a way of logically grouping recordings belonging to a session, and apart from that the recordings work the same as with Auto Recording off.

 Last updated Thu, Nov 13 2014 5:15pm
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