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The ads should not show up when you've purchased either of these two in-app upgrades:
  • Professional
  • Ad free

Try to fix the issue yourself

There is currently no known bug associated with this issue in the app, so try the following in order to solve the issue:

  • Open the upgrade screen in the app (the one where you purchased the upgrade), and tap on the Restore button at the top of the screen. This will issue a refresh of you purchases and should automatically find and activate your purchase(s).

Contact our or Apple support

If none of the above works, please contact our support. To make it easier for us to track down and solve the issue, please send us a screenshot of your in-app store screen and if possible also include the receipt you got from the store when you performed your purchase.

Refunds for purchases on iOS are handled by Apple Support, so please contact them directly, since we aren't able to perform refunds for purchases performed on iOS devices.

 Last updated Sat, Jul 9 2016 11:59am
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