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Up to version 1.1.0 of the App, recordings are saved as WAV files. These are pretty large and the media player in older versions of the app loaded the whole file into memory before playing them.

On certain devices, it is therefore not possible to playback longer recordings since they use too much memory. We are really sorry about this, and hopefully we fixed this in version 1.1.0, which was released for Android devices 2014-11-13. The newest iOS version should also now be able to open all files, regardless of their size.

In this version recordings are saved as very small AMR (Android/FireOS) / M4A (iOS) files. Recordings stream audio data directly to storage, which leads to better stability and therefore it is also possible to now record for almost one hour.

We also introduced a new media player for the recordings. The new player plays audio directly from storage, and also gives you the possibility to fast forward and rewind, during playback.

Sadly, this new feature only applies to recordings created by the new version of the app. Old recordings are still being played by the legacy media player.

There are currently a couple of workarounds for this problem:
  • In the newest version of the app there is a button on each recording that allows you to open the file in a compatible app. You need to have another app installed on your device that can handle the specific audio file format of the file (AMR, WAV or M4A).
  • These recordings are actually not invalid or corrupt, but cannot be played using the in-app Ghost Radio media player. Ýou can use the Share feature for each recording on the Recordings screen: Send the files, using for example e-mail, to yourself. This enables you to then use a full featured media player on your device or computer to listen to your recordings.

We will continue to try to find a way to convert old files to the new format in coming versions of Ghost Radio, so please have patience with us.

 Last updated Tue, Sep 29 2015 2:01pm
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